After leaving Austin Texas Saturday morning at 7 a.m. on our flight to Spain, we arrived in Barcelona Sunday morning around 10:30 a.m (Spain time) and secured a taxi to take us to our hotel. Unfortunately, after being loaded into the taxi, we found that the driver spoke no English. We were barreling down the road trying to figure out how to tell him where to go — had told him it was off La Rambla. We wrote the address for him (Hotel Raco Del Pi, Calle Pi 7), but he still did not seem to understand. He spoke over the radio with his dispatcher and still there was no beam of understanding. We gave him the phone number to the hotel and he finally got directions from there. Now we were on La Rambla (a few blocks over from the hotel) and this taxi driver stopped on the street and motioned for us to get out. He unloaded our four suitcases right there by the curb and pointed toward the direction of the hotel with an indication that it was a couple of blocks over. This rather unnerved me, being in a foreign country with no idea of what we were getting ourselves into.

Dutifully, we gathered our belongings — jackets, totes, two large suitcases and two smaller ones, thankfully on wheels — and walked in the direction indicated to us. After walking around what may have been in circles for hours, asking four or five different people for directions and being told it was five minutes (everything we discovered in Barcelona is five minutes), I had had all I could take and told Robyn we would just stay at the first hotel we came to. We went into the Hotel Colon that was on the corner of La Rambla and told the manager we needed a room because we were not able to find our hotel where I had reservations. He told us that he could only offer a room for one night, but was concerned that we would still have to pay for the reservation at Hotel Raco Del Pi, so he made a copy of the streets in that area and drew a line to where our hotel was located (yes, just five minutes, and it really was). After lunch there at the Hotel Colon restaurant and refreshed, we continued on with this treasured map in hand and found the Hotel Raco Del Pi right away. We got checked in about 1:30 p.m., went to our room and took a nap. So much for first impressions of a foreign country. Fortunately, that was where our bad experience ended and we found Barcelona to be a delightful place.

– IMG 0074

Robyn and I had supper at the sidewalk tables of the Bar Del Pi that evening, just down to the end of the street. Lovely ending to a very trying day.

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At the time of posting this, my daughter Robyn and I are in the air on the second leg of our journey flying from New York where we change airlines and continue onto Dublin for a change of planes at 5 am to Barcelona Spain.  We will be staying at a hotel just off La Rambla for five days before boarding the Carnival Magic heading to Galveston Texas.

This is the little ol’ boat we will be on for our cruise out of Spain to Galveston. For more info go here:  Carnival Magic

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This past weekend, we attended the October Texas Travelers Rally at a private ranch just outside Ingram. Coach ran great, the latest tweeks helped on some of the steep hills between New Braunsfels and there. Once there, the turnout was quite good. There were somewhere around 17 rigs set up. The deer and turkeys were out in force in the field in front of the parking area and clubhouse. Saturday night brought lightning and heavy rains to finally break the months of no appreciable rain to Central Texas.

- Ken H.

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Dates – August 12-14th
Place – Columbus R.V.Park, Columbus, Texas – Website
Hosts – Blanchards, Ohms, Armentrouts

Original plans were to return to the coast, but the hosts were unable to locate a suitable park. Joyce & Eldon checked with Sondra at Columbus R.V. and received such a warm welcome that the choice was easy. Also, considering the price of fuel, being a couple of hundred miles closer for some was considered. We have had several rallies there and always found it an enjoyable park.

This notice is intended for your information so you can mark your calendars. The hosts will send out further plans later that will include pool time, local attractions, and limited food preparation. Early arrivals and late departures are OK.

Please make your reservations with the park 979-732-6455 .

There are several motels nearby:
La Quinta 979-733-0522
Country Hearth Inn 979-732-6293

Please give the hosts a call so we can be sure and have enough sites reserved:
Ohms, Blanchards or Armentrouts

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June 3, 2010

My daughter Robyn and I left San Marcos with some sprinkles Thursday morning. And then, we ran through rain the entire way to Somerville. Upon reaching the group area of Birch Creek around noon, had to wait for the rain to abate in order to set up camp.

We accompanied Betty and Bill Humphries to Snook for dinner at the Czech-Tex restaurant. Ten couples were already in attendance as we arrived. The meal was very good and the rain had stopped before returning to camp. After turning in for the evening, we watched a movie — “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.”

The earth refreshed by the rain, Friday dawned with great weather. We enjoyed walking Oliver and visiting around camp with fellow Travelers. Robyn provided entertainment for 10 ladies in the afternoon with a Lei Sophia jewelry party. My favorite — hamburgers — were on the dinner menu.  Joyce and Eldon came over later to scope out my “new” coach. After passing their approval, games of Greed or just gathering by the lake for conversation comprised our evening activities.

Still great weather Saturday morning. Walking Oliver, visiting with the Hunts and Ohms, then moving over to a shady area with the Campbells and others occupied the rest of our morning. Robyn and I went to the Snook Fest with Eldon and Joyce for the afternoon. There  was live entertainment and plenty of arts and crafts. After returning to camp, a nap was in order.

Revitalized, we got our sides for the carry-in together. Robyn made her great potato salad. Before the meal, we were able to get in a game of Mexican Train with the ladies. The Hunts provided smoked chicken for the main course. They did a great job and were wonderful hosts for this event. Muchas gracias! After our requisite game of Greed and returning to our domicile, Robyn received an e-mail that her daughter Katie had news of her wedding dress arriving in Austin. The big event is planned for Rockport in August on the beach. We are all excited!!!

After Sunday breakfast, we broke camp, disconnecting water and electric. We barely avoided catastrophe with the sewer system. I had mistakenly hooked the water hose to the sewer flush connection, thinking I was putting water in the freshwater holding tank. Fortunately, I turned the water off as the toilet filled to the brim. VERY CAREFULLY, I eased the coach to the dump site.

With that calamity averted, we got underway to home. I let Robyn get behind the wheel for her first time to drive the coach when we got to Highway 290. She did very well — a good driver. We were traveling 21 and the dash air was not keeping up with the incoming sun. Sweltering heat the rest of the way home! One more item for my job list.

See ya down the road,





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April 17, 2010

Kenneth did a good job getting the coach ready for travel. A lot of time spent updating the marker lights with LEDs, as well as other details. We don’t always get to do the things we planned — Jim passed away shortly before getting to make the April rally. However, he was with us in spirit.

Loaded “Hannah” up and hit the road Friday noon with Ken in the passenger seat, Sadie (Ken’s dog), and Oliver (my pup) settled in for the ride to Johnson City. I drove the coach all the way to Miller Creek RV Park down 12 to 32 where it intersected with 281 then to the junction of 290. These were not the best of roads for a beginner — winding, hilly, two-lane roads with no shoulders. To boot, it was overcast and intermittently raining on the way. YES! This did intimidate me, just a little bit. Ken was coaching me, saying that I needed to hug the yellow center line and not go over the white line at the shoulder.

I managed to keep her between the lines and we arrived at our destination all in one piece. There were 16 rigs present. We were missing the Ohms and the Blanchards who had to cancel. Eldon was suffering leg pains and Barbara was still stove up from the collision with an 18-wheeler that demolished the back end of her car recently.

The Dobbins and Westovers did a wonderful job of hosting. They provided soups for dinner and we had very good entertainment afterward by Sol Patch — Melissa Weaver and Bryan Maldonado — performing jazz and blues-type music.

George Dobbins grilled ribs for the Saturday night carry-in dinner and each rig brought the sides to make the meal. Of course, a rally would not be complete without several games of “Greed.”

Sunday morning, after our carry-in breakfast, we walked down to see Bob and Mary Roberson’s Alpine coach which was recently acquired. Naturally, a tour was in order and I was thoroughly impressed. Makes my older coach seem dowdy by comparison. That’s alright, I love her just the same.

See you out and about,


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September 2003 AlpenFest – East Trip
Location: Cascades in the Gaylord Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee

Click a link for full image, then use “<" or ">“
Looking Up :-)
Coat of Arms Check out the guitars
Waterfall in Atrium
Winding river
River under bridge
Curve in the bend
Fountain in center of courtyard
Lamp post & Waterjet Fountain
Waterfall in frt of entrance
Lg Palms on top of a cliff
Jenny in frt of a waterfall
Group shot Taking the tour
Meandering River
Cascades Lounge
Huge Climbing Ivy Entrance to the Garden Conservatory
Walkway, Gazebo / Waterfall Overhead shots
Walkway amongst the ferns
Triceratops Waterfall
Vic taking a breather
Vic & Karen under the waterfall

All tuckered out….

Jim & Jenny “The Roadrunner”

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