Saturday we are supposed to be in Hondo, TX at Doug’s — aka DDP or Doug’s Diesel Palace.

Looking to get the boost… well ‘boosted’ (maybe another 3-5 psi), new water pump and two new Battery Tender chargers, tending on the coach. Walking out to it and having to slave the batterys or use the generator to top them off before getting underway is getting old.

It’s been in the low hundreds all week long. We hope it’s a little cooler down there, but we’re not holding our breath.

- Ken

Written on July 28th, 2011 , Safari

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    Ken commented

    So we went down, the weather was hot but not as bad as it could’ve been.

    The boost helped the coach a LOT. Really woke it up. Holds speed on hills much better. May even be able to go a smidge more as long as EGT’s stay low. Haven’t seen anything higher than 1000 degrees, so far.

    Doug slapped the new water pump on in short order and then we installed the Battery Tender’s in the closet directly above the Battery tray, ran the cords behind the washer/dryer and plugged into the receptacle on the other side of the closet, wiring one to each bank (coach side/house side). Over the coming months we’ll confirm Mom doesn’t go out to start it and have no juice. The way it is wired, as long as the coach is plugged in, the Tender is doing it’s job.

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